This is the home of Tuxcon Technology. We are a small time web and mail host with a focus on two principal aspects.

To that end, each of our plans are tailor-made for each customer after discussing their exact needs. We talk about your requirements, discuss how we can help you achieve them, and settle on a price that works best for both us.

Services Offered

Our two major services are Email Hosting, and Web Hosting. In order to get you the most relevant information as quickly as possibly, a table of features can be seen below.

Web Hosting Information
Web Server Software Nginx behind an SSL terminating HAProxy instance. Apache available via reverse proxy also.
PHP Yes, PHP 5.5 branch
Database MySQL CE 5.5 Branch
Storage Space Tailored during enquiries
Email Hosting Information
Email Server Software Postfix and Dovecot
Spam protection? Yes, with a combination of technologies including DNSBL, SpamAssassin, and others
Antivirus? Yes, with Clam-AV
Storage Space Tailored during enquiries
Number of domains and addresses? Tailored during enquiries, but unlimited is an option
SSL? We offer trusted SSL under our mail.tuxcon.com hostname
Protocols? IMAPS, POP3S, and SMTPS are all offered


All of our services are protected by our own 4-way backup system. We have daily/weekly/monthly filesystem snapshots available, as well as hourly or daily encrypted offsite backups of key areas (databases, website files, emails), in addition to 2 other offsite deduplicated and encrypted backups for redundancy. Additionally, one of these other offsite backups are again backed up to an offsite location (backups of backups) - you can be assured your key data is being kept safe.

All of us who work at Tuxcon know the pain data loss causes - this is why we work so hard to keep yours safe. As we are fans of both privacy and transparency, we are happy to discuss any of our methods of backup with you on a personal level, and are also open to discussing specific backup requirements in addition to what we currently have.

Payment Methods

We can accept payment via:


Please send an email to contact at tuxcon.com - we'll get in touch with you from there! Please keep in mind we are not able to respond to emails 24/7 - if you are using a disposable email service (such as GuerillaMail) please keep in mind those inboxes only last for 60 minutes. You can also contact Steve via Keybase if you want another anonymous, encrypted communication option.

Status Page

Please check our service status page for current service status updated at minute-intervals, and any downtime notifications.